Business Finance FAQ

We understand how vital finance is to help businesses grow.

Our mantra is to equip our clients with the knowledge to help them better understand business finance, without all the jargon.
We’ve rounded up our most frequently asked questions about business finance, so you can quickly get the answers you need.


"Do you have a minimum finance amount?"

Yes. £10,000 + VAT is the minimum amount we can finance.


"Can you provide finance for businesses outside the UK?"

No, we can only provide finance for businesses in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.


"Can you arrange finance for businesses with weak credit?"

Yes, we may need some background information and possibly some additional supporting documents.


"Do you require personal guarantees?"

We aim to provide funding without guarantees. However, each transaction is viewed on its individual merit, in some cases, a guarantee may be required.


"Will my payments increase with inflation or interest rates rise?"

No, your monthly payments are fixed, meaning it’s unaffected by interest rate rises or inflation.


Can I refinance equipment that I already own?

Yes, and you can continue to use the equipment. However, our lenders do have criteria regarding the age & condition of the equipment you’re wanting to refinance.

Got a question not listed above?

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