Supplier Partnership

For businesses that sell equipment & services to other UK-based businesses. Generate more sales by offering a finance option to your customers. If you manufacture, sell or resell equipment, either new or used, this is the right partnership for you & Origin Finance can help

Supplier Partnership


All your commercial construction needs such heavy vehicles & equipment.


All the equipment a commercial kitchen would require, such as ovens, grills & even sinks.


Fridges, coffee machines and stone bake ovens just to name a few. Speak to us to find out more.

Key Points:

Faster Sales

Offering a finance solution gets the customer out of the marketplace faster meaning they're less likely to contact your competitors.

Protect your customer's cashflow

We mirror your payment terms including stage payments & payments in advance, without affecting your customers cashflow.

Increased Conversion Rates

A manageable monthly payment overcomes budget objections, meaning the customer has more reasons to buy from your business.​

Increased Order Values

A customer is more likely to increase their order value knowing the cost can be spread over several years.

Reduced Credit Control

You have no need to be chasing customers for payment, your invoice is paid in full by the lender.

Referral Schemes

Here at Origin Finance we want our partnerships to be mutually beneficial for all parties. We have a number of incentives we can put in place for you.

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